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Corporate Cafeteria

Corporate kitchen vendors provide services to the employees of all the offices in the IT park. Annam registered vendors will publish their daily menu to all the employees.

They have opportunity to offer discounts to employees on annam. Exciting offers from kitchen vendors to employees will create a remarkable impact on business.

Food Outlets near College Campus

Gone are those days where food outlets were just serving the snacks. They have become professional in terms of packaging, serving style and selling their dishes in a unique way. All of these food outlets can claim their business on annam. They can add one more criteria to their professionalism by creating “annam” online presence.

Food Tiffin Providers

Food tiffin service providers have moved into a direction where they would want to build a specific type of consumer base that include food for teens, food for diabetics, food for calorie conscious people, food for south Indians, food for north Indians, food for Keralites etc. All these tiffin providers can fit into “annam” umbrella to publish their menus and specialties.

Restaurants near Tourist Places

Generally, tourists like to explore food places around the spot. All the food outlets who would like to bring the tourists into their restaurant, register with “annam”. All the tourists would be easily search you on map. Make their experience awesome!