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Fun with Friends

Making on-the-spot plan to go out for dinner with friends?

Search for the best food place
 in your area with best prices.

Annam is the right app for you to help you find out the better food place in your area. Annam comes with the easy-to-use search features that make your food place choice perfect with your budget, location and cuisine. All you partygoers, have an awesome user experience with annam.

Family Get-together

Thinking to arrange a family get-to-gather? Confused to choose the food spot in your nearby area?

In India, family and social gatherings have been increasing. In hectic schedule, family and relatives choose to meet on lunch rather than full day picnic or weekends trips. Social occasions take place in restaurant by such get-togethers. Such types of lunch and buffets can be explored on annam. The best part of it is you can explore the restaurant in the area of your preference. In fact, in the area of everyone’s preferences.

Explore annam for a good food spot.

Get to know more on discount and offers on-the-go.

Moments with your loved one

Spend your romantic moments with your loved one on a dinner date. Searching for the fine dine with such ambiance?

Your first date, valentine's day, birthday of your love, anniversary or any special day, you can capture those moments at a special food place.

You can explore the place on "annam", perfect to surpise your love, create the memory to cherish and celebrate your occasion.

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About Us

Annam comes out from a team of technoprenuers who experienced difficulties in getting the right food at the right place. There were times when they ordered food and they come to know the food services were closed. They also wanted to know the menu of the day from the food services, but it didn't happen. All these difficulties led to the beginning of idea "annam".

Annam intends to target all types of food merchants starting from home food providers, street food providers to restaurants and catering services. All at one place!.

Annam mantra for consumers is, avail the information they want from food merchants, keep them happy by discovering the food place with all the information at a glance.

The message to consumers is “Reach out to a food place you like the most and is nearby and is in your budget!”